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Something good about the Government? November 21, 2006

Posted by McStorian in ClioWired.

If there weren’t enough reasons to work for the US Gov’t, but hey – it’s a good gig.  There are pros and cons of government publishing: 1. Everything we publish is public domain.  My boss wrote a book in the 80s, published by the Office of History.  Not too long after, a private publishing company on the west coast published the exact same book and sold it for $30 per copy or something like that.  My boss will see none of that, even though his name is on the cover of the book.  2. Everything we publish in the office is free to the public – well, 1 copy each.  The GPO might sell the book, but if you contact the right depot, you can get the same book for free as a taxpaying American citizen.  Everything the GPO makes goes straight into the US Treasury.  3. When we need to use a painting or a picture with a copyright, it usually only costs us $20 to get authorization to use it whereas it would cost a for-profit much much more.  So anyway, the moral of the story: if you’re going to steal something, stick it to the government – you’ve earned it.  Also, get free books – they make good Christmas presents, seriously.



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