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Digital Skillz November 29, 2006

Posted by McStorian in ClioWired.

Within the past few months, I’ve created several things that could encompass multiple digital skillz.  So, I’m just going to start linking to things all over the place:

1. Images: I work a great deal with images and Photoshop at work.  Here are some recent examples: USACE History homepage – I designed this page, but the banner at the top is the most pertinent for images.  I used an image from our collection, etc. etc.  There should also be an image and a link to a vignette on the homepage.  Whatever image is there, I can assure you that I scanned and posted it.  Also, there are a good number of images in the Hurricane Resources page, which I created from scratch (not the images, but the site).

2. Blogs: Right after I created this blog, I created one for my “young adults” church group.  It’s debatable as to whether we’re either young or adults, but that’s beside the point.  Here’s the link.  It’s nothing fancy, but it gets the job done.  It appears that it’s gotten a decent amount of use too with about 1,000 hits since I launched it in September.

3. HTML is also something I work with probably on a weekly basis, although I’m no expert by any means.  Other than the history home page and the hurricane resources site, I’ve also been working on other pages for my office that haven’t been launched yet – namely a new Vignettes page and a new publications page.  I guess that’s not very impressive since they haven’t been launched yet.  Anyway, here’s a vignette I wrote recently.  It’s got HTML and photoshopped images!

4. Databases: From what I’ve learned in this class, it now seems that I may have made this wrong.  Or at least in a less efficient way as I could have.  Regardless, this took me quite a long time to organize, as I had to research, write, enter the data, and then create a website around it.  It’s called the Founders Project and I did it through the GMU Special Collections & Archives and the President’s Office.  If I ever feel willing to work some more on it for free, maybe I’ll tweak it some, but it was my first attempt at database creation.  I also tried the lazybase thing and started making a database of the sources I used to write my last paper on the sewer history of DC – sexy stuff, I know.  What I’m learning is that databases are one of the areas that I’m going to need to improve upon while I start up this project that I’m proposing.

5. Sound: This is a clip from my proposed Debris Removal Archive.  This was a very brief portion of an interview conducted by a historian in our office last year.  I converted the file from a .dvf to a .wav and then cropped out this section from the 1 hour+ interview.  I then cleaned it up, took out the pops and background noise.  I did it using Adobe Audition 1.5.  Then I converted the file to Mp3 and uploaded it onto Yahoo! where I have some server space. 

6. Wiki: I decided that Governor Alexander Spotswood’s page didn’t go into enough detail about his demise as the crown’s representative in the Virginia Colony.  So, I added a paragraph on his relationship with James Blair.  My master’s “major paper” was on Spotswood gradual conversion from a hardened soldier-imperialist to a gentleman-colonist – two completely opposing view-points.  I figured that was a little much for most wiki users, so I just included some things about the end of his career.  When I started linking to other wikipedia entires, I was surprised at how well it worked.  All I had to do was type something up in Word and then paste it in.  Then, on each proper noun, I clicked the “internal link” button and miraculously it worked.  I’m saddened however that Hugh Drysdale doesn’t have a wiki page, so I guess that’s something that I’ll have to remedy in the future.



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