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Old it up! And information overload March 6, 2007

Posted by McStorian in Uncategorized.

I think it’s very cool how we can make our sites mirror the documents we work with.  As historians, I know we all fall in love with certain aspects of our materials, and unlike newly printed publications, websites can better evoke those emotions.  However, from the readings there definitely seems to be a sense of exaggeration with some of the designs.  Maybe it’s just me, but I really like accuracy.  When I see a website that’s been “oldened” it definitely looks good and catches my attention but I wonder how much altering the look of a document or site will affect its ethos amongst professionals.  If I see something too glitzy, am I to think that it’s more of a “popular” history; or worse yet – history being done by a graphic designer?  Obviously one shouldn’t focus more on the layout than on the content, but more people will likely go to the site with a better layout despite its content.  Now I’m rambling.  The point is, I think we should be careful how we portray our sites so as to not fall into a trap of antiquarianism or focusing too much time and attention on making it look historical rather than making the material worth reading. 

But that thought is likely just a reaction to information overload that I’m trying to deal with.  I feel like it could take me a few months to master the things we read and discuss each week.  Yet there’s always more piling on and now I’m getting nervous about how I’m going to manage all of this.  Not to mention,  along with design, there’s content!  And that content has to be worth reading!  If I ever have to design a website along my dissertation, I think I’ll cry.  Either that or making something really flashy that will detract from my poor performance (I’m thinking Kennedy-Nixon debate). 



1. B.A. - March 25, 2007

James, Interesting dilemma. I keep thinking ahead (to the final project) and design is a huge issue….get real creative, and it seems to set a high bar for every page needing some awesome and original design work. Don’t know if it’ll get us in over our heads.


2. Thinking ahead on design--would love your feedback. « Through Hiker - March 25, 2007

[…] was thinking about design in his blog post, and I commented that we may set the bar unrealistically high for ourselves if we’re going to hand-craft original design for every new bit of information […]

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