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Put it all together to save you more April 3, 2007

Posted by McStorian in Uncategorized.

Now that I’ve got a dedicated topic and some actual content that I fully intend to post, all these design issues are starting to drive me a little crazy.  It’s no longer as much of a question of how to do things, but what to do.  Because this is going to be a federal site, accessibility is a very important aspect.  The last thing we want as a gov’t agency is to be accused of not offering equal access.  So, I’ve been trying to limit the number of links on the homepage.  I definitely remember being completely overwhelmed from that U. of Antarctica website with excessive amounts of links.  So, I’ve broken the Panama Canal page into 3 basic parts and from there it can branch out further once inside the site.  I’ve drawn out what I envision for the homepage, but the deeper I get, the more small details I notice.  More and more small design or visual problems appear.  It’s amazing how nuanced a decent website is – and equally amazing how little of such intricacy is noticed by visitors.  Kinda like the Corps of Engineers – people only take notice when there’s a problem!  . . . back to practicing and trying to put this all together into something tangible.



1. karinhill - April 3, 2007

If it makes you feel any better, I knew about the corps ages ago and was familiar with some of their projects. I didn’t really appreciate the Corps until I attended American University for undergrad and became aware of a small mustard gas problem on our flag football field.

I’m actually scared to go into my page and try and make it more compliant. I know the minute I try I’m going to mess something up that I won’t be able to fix. I’ve completely given up on making it look presentable on anything other then Firefox (I’ll tackle Safari later, to hell with IE.)

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