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Ugh! April 10, 2007

Posted by McStorian in Uncategorized.

Maybe it’s just my computer at work, but these sites seem to have usibility (is that a word?) problems.  Turning pages was frustrating, and in that virtual museum, I kept clicking the ‘back’ button on my browser, which of course took me back to the intro for the museum.  The intro included music and a short video clip.  So, after hearing that 5x, I got frustrated and left.  I guess my point is that all of these sites are kinda cool, but I don’t really see much use to them.  The most fun was drawing medieval painting where soldiers lay dead at the feet of cooks, saying something like “Ye stew hath savaged my entrails worse than the Moors.”  I guess that just shows that my research and use of the web is very directed and focused on things I’m working on.  Whereas these sites are ones of blind discovery.  The B&B museum collection – we all know there’s going to be some pretty random stuff in there, but I suppose that’s the draw for some.  I’d rather go to a museum or go to a website when I know what I’m looking for and know what to expect.  I guess I’m a stereotypical guy – I don’t really browse.  I’m in and out with what I need, otherwise I don’t see it as a good use of my time.  I guess I’m one of the 90-95% who would just lurk and not participate on such sites.



1. karinhill - April 10, 2007

If you just sucked it up and bought a $500 graphics card, like the people at Myst IV would like you to do, those sites would work just fine!

I feel your pain though. I think these vitural museum are now beginning to get so technological that they risk losing their core audience…the average user who has never had a lan party (and never cares too) and just wants to look around, maybe participate a little.

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