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Finally! (maybe?) May 1, 2007

Posted by McStorian in Uncategorized.

Well I finally had a breakthrough moment where I think I really understood what the crap was going on with positioning.  However, once my lightbulb finally flicked from 20w to maybe something more like 60w, I realized how many unseen problems there were with my code despite it passing verification.  After spending hours tightening it up, I’ve finally been able to move on with building my site.  As you’ll see, the homepage is still a work in progress (maybe I should get one of those ‘under construction’ animated gifs) but I actually have some content on the Engineers page.  I still haven’t decided exactly what I’m going to do for navigation, but Paula’s arrow idea sounds good to me.  I’m still perplexed over why I have a white border around my page.  Any hints on how to get rid of that?  That would be mightly helpful!



1. maureen guignon - May 8, 2007

Hi James,

I think your page looks great. The background is fabulous. Wish I could help you about the white space but I am still working on headers. I tried several variations of small gif images using the floral pattern and have one that is looking better. It is still too dark and the text won’t show up; so I will not use it for CLIO. But, I will try to get it finished for the class I teach this summer. Thanks for your advice.

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